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During my time in Sri Lanka I have befriended girls who were front line fighters, suicide bombers, trainers of new recruits, and even a girl who ran the entire rebel air force by the time she was 17. These girls were apart of one of the most deadly terrorist groups to ever exist, but they are still worthy of love. They are still worthy of counseling. They are still worthy of a second chance. Their past does not have to define their future.
These girls have been through the unimaginable. They have been shot, they have lost legs in explosions, and had legs sawn off without anesthesia. They have seen family members executed, and they have watched their friends die beside them on the battlefield. This is why I have created Chosen Instruments. We exist to bring counseling and rehabilitation to these girls who are in need of a safe place to recover from the atrocities of war.
Chosen Instruments exists because we firmly believe that every life is valuable, every life is worthy, and every life is redeemable.
Even the hardest of hearts can be softened with love.